How we go about our work is regulated by the same organisation that conducts your driving tests, the DVSA.


Support while training

There are many professional learning resources that are available for BIG TOM customers to utilise. The learning is not restricted to only when a pupil is in the car. These come in different formats because people tend to have preferences for how they can absorb information. We make use of video, graphics, text and verbal communication. And some will quite simply like to be shown how to do things. The idea is to make every attempt to facilitate learning so that it improves skills.

Pre-driving training

We often find that customers think the course only starts when the driving training starts, not with BIG TOM. We have long recognised the benefits of increasing knowledge and awareness of driving techniques as soon as possible. It makes for longer-lasting learning. It also means that our pupils are not overwhelmed with information when they start training in the car.

Our Help Centre

Our Centre is one way to demonstrate that we go the extra mile to inform, educate and familiarise customers with our methodology. We fully accept that not everyone will engage in our help, but it’s nice to know that it is there.

The DVSA Driving Standard

All of our help is aligned to the driving standards that all driving instructors must work to. Pupils must cover how they prepare themselves, their vehicle and passengers for a journey. They must know how to control the vehicle. Pupils must be able to use the road to the Highway Code. Pupils must drive safely and responsibly. Pupils must learn how they can continue to improve with experience.

The training standard

The other standard that we work to sets out how we must deliver a programme of driver training. This ensures that the vehicles and instructors used meet all the legal requirements. It ensures that the learning programme we use has a client-centred learning approach. It includes helping and supporting a learner to acquire the skills, knowledge and understanding to drive safely, responsibly throughout their entire driving life. The approach puts the learner at the centre of the environment to promote learning, explain and demonstrate skills and techniques to maximise the learning potential. The requirement is to undertake these activities while managing the risks that can arise in our field of work while also protecting our instructors and pupils from aggressive/violent behaviour wherever that may occur.