Review covid safe practices

Learner drivers and driving instructors have had a week of implementing covid safe practices.

Tomorrow will be one week on from driving training resuming in the UK. Owner of BIG TOM, Tom Ingram gives his thoughts on the changes that now occur:

“The first thing I would say is how pleasing it is to be able to get going again and helping customers. They’ve had a long wait and were really keen to start driving lessons.
So the balancing act that we are attempting to do here at BIG TOM is resume training as soon as able, as there is an incredible demand, but also do the training in as safe a way as possible. What I’ve been most impressed with so far is how willing and open our customers have been with our new protocols. And that is an absolutely crucial point about minimising risk; it does require honesty and open communications between instructor and pupil.
We are trying to streamline the processes, so as not to unnecessarily inconvenience our customers. One of the advantages of how BIG TOM operates is that it is in our culture to ask for feedback and make changes based on it.
I’m pleased to say that it is all going well at the moment. We’ve been finding theory test slots for customers without any problems, the in-car training has been really great, and I really hope that can continue as move on.”

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