Snow Problem To Pass The Driving Test

Zoe Briggs from Peterborough passed her driving test this morning in all the snow that was falling AND on Friday 13th!

Zoe came on board with BIG TOM after she felt she wasn’t getting anywhere fast with her previous driving instructor, and her confidence levels were low.  However, she has made her dreams come true today by passing her driving test and saying after the test “I felt my driving was really good on my test”.

It was looking pretty grim at first as the snow continued to come down, and the snowflakes were getting bigger.  And as the Examiner from Peterborough Driving Test Centre handed Zoe her pass certificate he joked “Not content with taking your test in the snow, you did it on Friday the 13th too!”

Tom Ingram who was Zoe’s driving instructor said “This is a good example of how BIG TOM can turn things round for customers.  Sometimes through no particular fault pupils can feel like they are wading through treacle, and it can be quite demoralising.  It is important that dreams can be made to come true, as is the case with Zoe this morning; having the freedom that a driving licence provides is truly life-changing”.

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