Staying Covid 19 Secure in 2020

This blog explains to customers the actions being taken by BIG TOM Driving School to mitigate risk of infection.

The notice (shown right) is displayed in the driving school car as a reminder to pupils, driving examiners and the public of our commitment to Covid safe practices.

BIG TOM Admin will have undertaken a risk assessment 24 hours prior to the driving training taking place having consulted with our customer regarding health screening questions.

The responsibility for open, honest and accurate communication of risk factors rests with us all.  No cancellations that result from increased risk of infection result in financial penalty – alternative dates will always be found.

Our working environment involves less than the 2 metre distance recommendation, and the following risk mitigations are in place:

increased frequency of handwashing pre/post in-car training, and sanitiser use in-car

facing forwards as much as is practicable that still maintains road safety

provision of sanitiser, face masks/coverings, tissues, disposable bags, disinfectant, anti-bacterial wipes

hourly pauses to allow for full ventilation and to disinfect car controls

rear windows open at all times, no air conditioning

minimising face to face discussions in-car

session briefings/de-briefings to be conducted outside the car

non-contactless forehead temperature reading for instructor & pupil

no exchanging of items in-car between instructor & pupil

suitable clothing/footwear to minimise exposed skin as is practicable

We ask all customers to ensure they contact BIG TOM Admin before a session is due to start, should there be ANY change in answers to the health screening questions.

The BIG TOM Covid-19 Driving Training Strategy has been developed after careful consideration of guidance from the National Associations Strategic Partnership.  Owner of BIG TOM Driving School, Tom Ingram, has completed the DIA Academy ‘Covid-19 Infection Control and Safe Training Protocols Course’ on 28/06/2020.

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