Superb customer experience

BIG TOM customers who reserve an intensive driving course are often surprised at the superb customer experience.

Georgia recently purchased a BIG TOM course.  She had a go at a driving test a few years ago.  Within 24 hours of bagging her course, she started to receive the benefits that come as standard in the package.  She said:

Awesome thank you, yeah I had used the resource last night so I’ll just keep practicing and I’ll have a proper look at everything you’ve sent me! Thank you! I didn’t get any of this stuff from my last instructor! 

This is a typical response that we get from our customers.  They are not used to the support and high quality resources that they receive.  And it is immediate, as soon as the course is reserved, the benefits begin.  Her theory test was booked by BIG TOM Admin within 24 hours of her enrolling with us.  Come and enjoy a higher class of customer experience.

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