Theory test pass for Molly

The good news is that things are getting back to normal again – Molly sets the standard with a first time theory test pass this morning in Peterborough.

She made use of the online resource that BIG TOM provides intensive driving course customers, as well as the online theory study support.  In fact, yesterday, she had a 1:1 focussed theory study with Tom on video call.  They used the data from the theory study resource to work on the topics that she was slightly weaker.  It turned out to be a winning strategy where Molly’s hard work studying has paid off.

Molly said this of the re-organised test procedure:

“We had to wait outside, and then when they unlocked the door we all walked in one at a time.  We had to put our licence in a box for them to check.  Then there was seats in the waiting room away from other people.  They did the turning out of pockets, rolling up of sleeves and show behind my ears to make sure nothing was tucked in with my face mask…. but all done at the correct distance away.  All the computers in the big room were spaced apart, so you’re not sat next to anyone.  It was quite busy, there was a group of men doing another test.”

Tom Ingram (Owner of BIG TOM) says:

“It’s good to see some normality coming back.  Molly did well here by passing on her first attempt as the early signs are that test slots in general are going to be harder to come by than pre-lockdown.  But as she shows, if you engage with the resources here at BIG TOM, it’s well achievable and will save you a great deal of time, not having to wait for other attempts. I think that would be my general advice to BIG TOM customers, if you are serious about wanting to get your licence quicker, engage in our resources and strive to pass the theory and practical on the first attempt.  Well done Molly and thank you for giving us your feedback.”

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