Turning Right At Crossroads | Peterborough

Turning right at Crossroads

There are a fair few large crossroads like this in Peterborough that are controlled by traffic lights.

The key thing to remember is that when the traffic light goes green and you are turning right, you are “crossing” the oncoming traffic, as such, you have to be prepared to wait as oncoming traffic has priority over you – “I’m turning right, I have no rights” is a phrase to remember.

However, look to see if there is a right green filter arrow, as these are our friend, these make our life easier.  If there is a green filter arrow, and it is illuminated, then STILL check that the oncoming traffic is held on a red light (remember you must never assume anything), before you turn into the new road.  Before you turn into the new road, you must look into the new road, to make sure that it is not blocked at all.

But here is a key tip for you.  When the main traffic light goes green, if you do not proceed forward so that your wheels roll over the pressure sensor in the road, the traffic lights don’t even know you are waiting to turn right and so will not turn on the right filter arrow!  So do look out for the thin black pressure sensors near the middle of the junction.

Take a look at this video to see this in action.  See if you can spot the green filter arrow, and then see if you can see the pressure sensor near the middle of the junction.

It’s really good to practise turning right at crossroads loads; ones with traffic lights, and without.  Really get to grips with this subject, so that you feel confident in being able to predict what is going to happen.

Hope this is helpful?  Please put questions/comments below!