Two week intensive driving course

Get your driving licence with the BIG TOM two week intensive driving course

Pupils with no previous driving experience, or very little can still get their driving licence much quicker than the traditional boring pay as you go driving lessons.  BIG TOM can offer an initial 20 hours of driving training, followed by a break (some customers have a weekend break, others take a week or two off), followed by another 20 hours of training.  You will be amazed what you can achieve with 40 hours of training on an accelerated learning programme.

BIG TOM Admin expand on the options available:

“There are a range of options that can be used to create a combo package that suits your needs.  For instance, we do weekday courses in the daytime, or evenings, and we can incorporate weekends too.  We know how valuable holidays are for busy people at work or college and these options mean you don’t have to take a full two weeks off work – they are very popular with busy customers.  The nice point about them is that you get a big discount on the 5 day course price too.  Depending on which combo you go for, they range from £1497 – £1997 (including the practical driving test fee).”

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