We have just received the new guidance from the DVSA relating to driving training/testing post lockdown 2

For tiers 1 & 2 the training and theory/practical testing reverts back as previously done.  The DVSA are working extremely hard to raise as much availability for testing as possible.  BIG TOM Admin has been keeping informed through webinars in the industry about all the efforts that the DVSA are making, and it is extensive.  So theory and practical testing resumes from 02/12/2020.

For test centres that are in tier 3 the practical test capacity has been slightly reduced so that all Covid-safe precautions can be accommodated by the examiners.  The testing starts from 03/12/2020 and if candidates can wear facemasks then there are no issues.  The issue does arise if the candidate is exempt from wearing facemasks: and in the tier 3 areas, those specific test slots will be subject to movement if an examiner cannot be found.

BIG TOM Admin continues to update all customers first, on the Twitter platform – “FOLLOW” us here if you want all the announcements as they crop up.

We advise all customers to remain focussed and keep their standards of training high, in that way, they are more likely to reduce potential delays by passing tests on the first occasion.



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