Weekend intensive driving course

Brandon Gibbins from Doninton is making full use of the BIG TOM intensive course at weekends.

On Saturday he started by driving over to Boston before travelling to Grantham on the A52.  He trained from 9-12, had an hour break and then 1-4pm.  He managed to get some driving practise on country roads at places like Folkingham, Bitchfield, Corby Glen, Grimsthorpe.  Then he practised going on and off the A1 at a variety of locations.

On Sunday, he drove from Doninton to Peterborough using the sat nav.  Once there, he practised some more dual carriageway driving, building on his experience from the day before.  He also managed to get some practise on the large multi-lane and spiral roundabouts that Peterborough offers.  After his lunch break, he drove to Spalding where he practised recognising increased risk factors as a result of loss of vision at junctions.

It was a brilliant two days worth of driving training, adding another twelve hours to his bank of driving experience.  Won’t be long before he is ready for his driving test.

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