Which BIG TOM intensive driving course?

This blog helps you choose which BIG TOM intensive driving course to pick.

BIG TOM Admin has been receiving a great deal of interest from customers who are trying to decide whether to do the BIG TOM 5 day intensive driving course or the 2 week course.  One of the primary considerations will be what previous driving experience has been gained.  Tom Ingram (Owner of BIG TOM) explains:

What is best for me?

“Think of this like going to a bank to ask for a mortgage to buy your first home.  You can either go to them having previously put away some money every month for the last 3 years say, so you have a pot of cash that will act as a deposit, or you can speak to them with no savings at all.  The outcome of your meeting with the bank will look entirely different in terms of how they can assist you – it will make very real differences to the repayment amounts.  It is very similar when you start learning to drive.  The outcome of an intensive driving course definitely depends on what previous driving experience you have previously banked up.”

Can you give examples?

“Let’s say a customer comes to BIG TOM for help having done a number of driving tests previously but just can’t pass.  The number of hours training that customer is likely to need will be dramatically less than a customer who has never sat in the drivers seat before.  To give you practical and factual guidance, the DVSA have published figures* for the amount of hours practice people take to pass the driving test.  The average is 40 hours with a driving instructor PLUS 19 hours with friends and family doing private practice.  That is FACT, not opinion.  So you can now see why some customers are choosing to do a 5 day intensive driving course to start, having a short break and then continuing the momentum of their learning by having another 5 day course.  It makes a great deal of sense.”

What if I don’t have the means to do private practice with my family?

“Then you just have to simply add into your calculations these extra 19 hours (on average) that will be required to pass your driving test.  Remember though, these are AVERAGE figures so some will take longer and some will take less time.  This is why BIG TOM also makes use of “bolt-on” sessions whereby customers can supplement just the right amount of hours practice they require rather than having to commit to another 20 hours.  It makes for complete flexibility to BIG TOM customers and encourages them to take responsibility for the outcomes of their learning path which is precisely what the DVSA want driving schools to provide for their customers.”

* Transforming the practical driving test Final Report PPR828

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