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3 Essentials for a Good Driving Lesson in Bourne

3 Things You Must Do To Have A Good Driving Lesson in Bourne.

Here are our 3 golden nuggets of information to remember to get a good driving lesson in Bourne:

  1. driving_lesson_bourneLess vision, less speed. Take a look at this video to see how this key concept works.  The image you can see on this blog of a street on a driving lesson in Bourne is an example of how the low sun, early in the morning in the winter months, can seriously reduce your vision.  Only this morning, in a quiet residential area in Bourne there was a very loud thud of metal on metal, where the driver of a car, travelling to work first thing, smashed into a parked vehicle in the road.  The driver literally did not see the parked car due to the brightly glaring low sun on a February morning.   If you cannot see, no matter how momentary, come off the gas, and cover the brake pedal  – you have absolutely no idea what is in front of you.  How can you keep driving on the gas pedal when you cannot see in front?

  2. Look out for double hazards.  It is pretty amazing how often a hazard is very often followed up by another hazard when driving, and Bourne is no different.  Remember, a hazard is something that makes you change direction and/or speed.  There are the double mini-roundabouts near the Tesco garage, there are the crossroads on the double bend near Bourne Abbey CofE Primary Academy, and there is the pedestrian crossing near to the long line of parked cars in North Street.  This is a good driving habit to get in to, looking beyond the first hazard.  Watch this video to see this in action.

  3. Pay attention to the detail.  Very, very easy to get carried away on a driving lesson in Bourne, driving many miles, but not to a particularly good standard.  Take a look at this video here for an example of practising turning right at junctions in Elsea Park – this is the detail you should be striving for.  Getting into the habit of doing a lot of driving to a not particularly good standard is not great for your progress, so pay attention to the detail, it is a case of quality over quantity.

These are our 3 essentials for ensuring you get a good driving lesson in Bourne.

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