5 Day Driving Course Peterborough Mock Tests

On our BIG TOM 5 day driving course Peterborough (01733 306 016 ) we like to prepare our customers properly for their driving test by providing realistic and accurate mock tests. This blog will explain the benefits…

This video compacts an actual driving test route currently being used at Peterborough Driving Test Centre into less than 30 seconds. BIG TOM customers who buy our 5 day driving course Peterborough want to be properly prepared for their driving test and for driving once they have passed their test. One way that we help them get ready for the driving test is to provide really authentic mock tests. AT BIG TOM we are able to achieve this, because our driving instructors are local and observe over 95% of the driving tests that our customers attempt.

In our experience of helping dozens of customers get their driving licence fast on our courses, one of the biggest causes of test day nerves is simply the unknown. Not knowing what is about to happen on any kind of assessment is not a nice feeling. We could be talking about exams at school, courses at work, interviews for new jobs or promotions, sports competitions – there are plenty of times in our lives when we are formally assessed and not knowing what will happen; the structure, the assessment criteria, the manner in which it is conducted are all potential causes for stress and nerves. How many times have you attempted a particular assessment in your life, not been successful but when you had another attempt you were? One of the fundamental reasons for that success was no longer were you dealing with the unknown. And it is no different when it comes to driving tests in Peterborough. More people pass their driving test on their second attempt than they do on their first – only 21% of 1.5 million driving tests undertaken yearly are passed first time [Source: MSA Newslink Dec 2015].

At BIG TOM we do everything we can to offer our customers the opportunity to be properly prepared so that they pass their driving test on their first attempt. Take a look at our customer reviews and you will see that often, we succeed in this goal. We take your success in achieving your aims seriously, which is why our customers are happy to provide us with glowing reviews.

To book your place on our popular 5 day driving course in Peterborough call us now on 01733 306 016 .