Driving Lesson In Bourne

“Legally, what do you need to have in the boot of your car?”

warning shotOne of my pupils, who is Lithuanian asked me this question yesterday on a driving lesson in Bourne and the short is answer is “nothing”. You do not legally have to carry a spare wheel or it even be legal in terms of pressure and tread, contrary to what many people think. However, if you do need to use that spare wheel, it does need to be legally fit for use. This video gives an overview of my recommendation.

Here is a printable list of what I would consider essentials to carry round with you in the car:

•  First Aid Kit
•  Spare Wheel and accompanying jack equipment (check it is all there!)
•  Breakdown triangle
•  Fuel
•  Jump leads
•  Water
•  Money (in hidden place if needed)
•  Thermal blanket
•  Operators manual (tyre pressures, emergency breakdown contact number, insurance details, jack points)
•  Jackets (preferably fluorescent)
•  Basic set of tools
•  Torches
•  Mat to kneel on if changing wheel
•  Pair of gloves (hands can get greasy/dirty changing a wheel)
•  Phone re-charger
•  A-Z map
•  Rags

Whilst this might seem a lot at first glance, many of these items can be purchased for less than £10. I would strongly advise that you aim to gradually obtain these items as not only are you preparing yourself should an emergency arise, you can often assist others in need too.


Driving Lesson Bourne