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Need to find a Driving Instructor with good pass rates?

Meeting RoomThis blog will explain how to identify good Driving Instructors in your area.

Good pass rates would be one method of identifying a Driving Instructor you can trust – true?  For the most part, this is a true statement, and in the same way as schools publish exam grades achieved, it is a measure of the trust and value you can place in the school.

But unlike schools and universities, a pupil learning to drive has more control over when they want to take their driving test.   Ideally, if a pupil is learning to drive with a Driving Instructor, their progress will be monitored, there will be clear goals being set, and it will be evident how much more learning is required to be done (much like the curriculum in schools).

However, the key difference is that a pupil may not want to wait for the optimum time to take the driving test.  There could be a whole range of reasons for that, but the end result is that if a pupil does take their driving test earlier than the Driving Instructor would advise, then who is to blame should the pupil fail the driving test?  (Gulp)

How do we fix this problem?

At Big Tom Driving School, we do pay attention to pass rates.  We also do pay attention to how long it takes our pupils to pass.  But, pupils do come to us with a range of natural ability, a range of previous experience, a range of learning style preferences, and a range of learning difficulties.  It would be too simplistic to ignore this fact.

Our solution, is to pay as much attention at the very start, as we will pay in the whole learning experience with our customers.  Providing an assessment to identify the right course, Instructor and vehicle for a pupil is done free of charge or obligation.  This is after all a 1:1, personalised learning experience.  We do cater for individuals specific needs, anxieties and concerns.  We very much understand that a good learning environment is a happy, relaxed and calm learning environment, and as such, we take the time and trouble to pay attention to detail at the very beginning.   Look at our testimonials here to see how often the word “calm” is used by our previous customers.

Discovering part way through a course when learning to drive, that you don’t like the teaching style of the Driving Instructor is an expensive lesson to learn; it will either mean changing Driving Instructor or putting up with a rather uncomfortable learning experience.

So, yes, good pass rates are a consideration when looking for a Driving Instructor.  But far more important is how a Driving Instructor can demonstrate to you that they can provide a pleasant, effective learning experience, that is tuned in to your needs. If you remember nothing else from this blog, remember this:

•  Maximising the efficiency of your learning experience will be of more value to you than any other generic measure of pass rates or prices.

Ignoring that fact, could be a costly mistake.

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