Eye Roundabout in Peterborough

The following is the road layout for what is commonly known as Eye Roundabout in Peterborough, more precisely known as Junction 8 A15 Paston Parkway, A1139 Frank Perkins Parkway, Parnwell Way, Eye Road. My thanks go to Stuart Mounfield (Infrastructure Delivery Manager) of Peterborough Highway Services, Peterborough City Council.

This graphic gives you precisely the white paint markings on this very large, and busy roundabout (zoom in for full benefit). These type of “spiral” roundabouts are becoming more popular throughout the UK, and can cause some confusion to all drivers, let alone Learner drivers.

On the approach, make full use of scanning the traffic signs as well as observing the white paint. This will enable you to select the correct lane on the approach, which means that there will be no lane swapping on this busy roundabout, which can seriously spook other drivers around you.

Get used to approaching this from all entries, trying out all the different combinations, and you will find that with practise, your confidence will grow.

Here is a video of the roundabout, and there are also a few other versions, approaching in different lanes.

Any questions, fire away.

Roundabout Peterborough