Grantham Driving Test Centre – New Location

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Grantham Test Centre


The location for Grantham Driving Test Centre has changed in March 2015. It can now be found HERE. This is a fabulous change for people taking their driving test at Grantham, and a large improvement on the previous small test centre in a dense residential area.

It is a former HGV check point and as such still has a very large outbuilding which is not used for the purpose of car driving tests. The large car park is controlled with a max speed limit of 10 mph and it also has strict lane segregation for staff, through traffic, visitor parking etc. One of the lanes that is used on the driving test at Grantham has a solid stop line which must be adhered to.

There are several parking bays that are used in a different area of the car park for the purpose of the reverse bay park, should that be your manoeuvre to do on the driving test. They are only on the right side however, so there is no option for performing a left reverse bay park. Having said that, the space available to do the manoeuvre is very large, much larger than the previous Grantham Driving Test Centre.

One of the other significant differences is that as you come out of the car park, you are now emerging on to the A52 which will have traffic travelling on it up to 60 mph. Again, this is quite different to the previous set up, that was located within 30 mph restrictions.

At the time of writing (09/04/2015), all driving tests undertaken under the BIG TOM Driving School have resulted in first time passes, so not only does this location represent a significant improvement in terms of the location, but as yet, we have yet to have a test fail.

And long may it continue…