Reverse Parallel Park

Stages of the Reverse Parallel Park

This video shows you the stages of the Reverse Parallel Park. With practise this becomes more fluid and less mental effort is needed to identify the timing of each stage and to actually perform the necessary actions.

In general there are 3 key ingredients to this manoeuvre, and each one, is reliant on the other. If you were to miss out one of the following, it will affect the overall outcome:

• Speed – In order to give your hands (steering) and eyes (observations) any chance at all of doing their job while reversing, it is key that your left foot precisely sets the correct pace by fine adjustment of the clutch pedal.

• Observations – there are many places to look all around the vehicle, not only to assist you in accurately positioning your vehicle, but also to take account and be considerate to other road users including pedestrians.

• Accuracy – The accuracy of the end position of your vehicle, in relation to the parked car you are pulling in behind, as well as the kerb/verge that you are pulling up along is dependent on the speed and observations that you make.

As with the other manoeuvres, you can’t rely on simply staring at mirrors while reversing due to the “blindspots” in them that block your vision, as such, if your car is reversing, then physically turning your head to observe all around you is key for safety.

There are plenty of tips and techniques that can be used if necessary, so as to enable you to perform this manoeuvre consistently to a good standard.

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Big Tom