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Driving Lessons Grantham The A1

Entry and exit of the A1 on Driving Lessons in Grantham

Driving on and off the A1 when on your driving lessons in Grantham is important as it introduces the faster speeds. This blog has 3 key tips for you to practise.

1. Seperations gaps At the higher speeds of 50 mph + it is important to remember to keep 2 seconds away from the vehicle in front (look here how that changes when raining). Likewise, the nearest vehicle behind should also be 2 seconds away, if any closer, say 1 second, then increase your gap from the vehicle in front to 3 seconds. This is accommodating poor driving from behind and is a #gooddrivinghabit.

2. Keep up with traffic It is a little known fact that you can fail a driving test in Grantham for driving too slowly on the A1 dual carriageway. Coming on to the A1 and not keeping up with traffic already on it means that those vehicles behind then have to overtake you. This is especially hazardous for large vehicles to do. In the majority of driving conditions it is quite unnecessary to be driving at anything less than 55mph, and it is also inconsiderate to other road users. Look at the potential hazards here to help assess the correct speed.

3. Spot entry/exit slip roads The sooner you spot them, the sooner you can plan for them. This is a big subject and getting this wrong at higher speeds can be dangerous. Pay attention to the length of the slip road, the shorter it is, the less time you have to be either decelerating (exit) or accelerating (entry). Check out this exit slip road here for “Barrowby” of an example of a rather short slip road with a pretty sharp left bend at the end of it. Appreciating that fact early on will help prevent you exiting the dual carriageway at too high a speed.

We start driving on the A1 dual carriageway in Grantham on Day 4 of the Intensive Driving Course in Grantham – you will get plenty of practise applying the above 3 tips. Hope it helps!

Any questions/comments, please add below.

Driving Lessons Grantham

Driving Lessons Grantham

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5 day intensive driving course in Peterborough or Grantham

More options! 5 day intensive driving course in Peterborough or Grantham

Big Tom Driving School is now providing a 5 day intensive driving course in Peterborough or Grantham with £80 off in February!

If you would like a weekday option to learn to drive in a week, then we are now offering 4 hours each week day.

The DVSA driving test fee is included + 2 extra hours for test, and our comprehensive theory test resources are included in this amazing deal.

Learn to drive in a week with Big Tom Driving School, now providing 5 day intensive driving courses in Peterborough or Grantham with £80 off in February – tell your friends!

Call BIG TOM now on 0800 689 4174 to immediately get the next available course dates NOW!

5 day Intensive Driving Course

5 day Intensive Driving Course

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1 week Intensive Driving Course in Peterborough

Discover a 1 week Intensive Driving Course in Peterborough

Big Tom Driving School continues to offer outstanding value with this 1 week Intensive Driving Course in Peterborough

Ben has just passed his driving test and this is what he says:

“Big Tom delivered exactly what was promised on the website which is to learn by driving. I had no previous driving experience at all. In the space of 7 days I went from being a beginner with limited confidence in my ability to drive, to being ready and confident to drive on my own after I passed. Tom didn’t just teach me to pass my test, he taught me how to drive. ”

The course runs from Monday – Sunday, and it guarantees that you will be driving in the car for 30 hours.  More driving for a lower price!

Book your 1 week Intensive Driving Course in Peterborough NOW! 01733 306016

Intensive Driving Course

Intensive Driving Course

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Intensive Driving Course Grantham

Choosing an Intensive Driving Course in Grantham

When choosing an Intensive Driving Course in Grantham it is vitally important to make accurate comparisons.  Look here to find out how….

A course might sound appealing as it is spread over just 5 days for example, but if you only get say 20 hours actual driving experience in that 5 days, will you then need to pay extra for more time in the car?

A Big Tom Driving School Intensive Driving Course guarantees 40 hours of driving training for £1200

The whole process is turned round typically in 11 days*.  You will be driving right up to your Test Day, and this is all included in the standard price.

You do not pay for fancy adverts on the radio, or classroom simulations, or theory classes, you are paying to learn to drive by driving for 40 hours**

Quality & Value – the benchmark of our Intensive Driving Courses in Grantham

Call now for more information – over 25’s get extra discounts!  0800 689 4174

Driving Course Grantham

Driving Course Grantham






*depending on ability and your schedule

**backed up with a guarantee that if you fail the test, all other training is free of charge

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