BIG TOM Driving School in Bourne – Shannon passes 1st time!

shannon passHere is Shannon from Bourne who has been training with BIG TOM Driving School.(01778 309773)

She passed her driving test in Grantham on her first attempt, and used her own car to take the driving test. For those customers who have that as an option, it is something I have always recommended to do – it makes really good sense to be confident enough in your driving ability to be able to pass the driving test in your own car.

Her Mother Mel said the following:

“Our daughter Shannon had never stepped foot behind a driving wheel, and was very nervous, that was March and by August she was test ready, Tom gave her confidence and was very patient. He is also very happy to speak to parents too as many of us have been passed a while so taking Shannon out in her own vehicle I felt confident to sit beside her. Tom also encourages students to use their own car, infact Shannon felt that confident she took her test in her own car and passed first time. Thank you Tom”

Open communication between pupils and parents is a key pledge on the BIG TOM Customer Charter.

. In our experience it is absolutely essential for developing an effective, positive relationship with our customers, that there are open lines of communication at all stages of the learning process. There are many ways of engaging with us, whether it be face to face, phone, text, email, blog, facebook, twitter, even questions asked by non-BIG TOM customers on our video channel are answered. You will see on many of the BIG TOM driving videos there are questions asked by viewers from different towns, cities and even countries. Our commitment to open communication is clear to see, you will see that all questions are answered in a timely manner.

Not all driving schools are the same, there are often good reasons why some driving lessons are as cheap as they are.

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