Carry on driving

BIG TOM continues as usual with in-car driving training.

There has been much news of late regarding the taking of tests in the industry but rest assured customers are still able to benefit from BIG TOM in-car driving training.  As long as it remains safe and legal, we will continue to allow our customers to carry on driving.

There is no room for complacency which is why BIG TOM introduced heightened hygiene controls when training two weeks ago.  It is a 1:1 working environment and as long as instructor and pupil take responsibility for maintaining hygiene standards then BIG TOM is happy to continue.

We continue to offer intensive driving courses these coming two weekends as well as the coming week.  Clearly, we will all have to be guided by the DVSA regarding the timing of taking tests and exemptions for critical workers.  If customers remain flexible in this regard, then the actual in-car driving training provided by BIG TOM proves to be the perfect opportunity for people who want to learn to drive.

BIG TOM Admin Customer Support Line: 0800 689 4174 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm)

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