Correct Speed On Driving Lessons In Peterborough

How To Know The Correct Speed on Driving Lessons in Peterborough

On my driving lessons in Peterborough, the issue of driving at the correct speed often crops up.  Sometimes we can feel pressured from drivers behind tailgating, sometimes we can miss a speed sign, sometimes we can unconsciously copy the speed of a vehicle in front of us, only to realise they are actually driving above the speed limit.  There’s many little ‘traps’ and by far the best thing to do is identify a technique that you will adopt in your normal driving that means you will be able to identify the appropriate speed completely independently, no matter what the conditions, or how you are feeling, or what is happening inside/outside the car.

One such technique is shown in this video.

Driving in a road, not knowing what the speed limit is, AND not having the skill to assess what it should be, is a lonely old place to be, especially on your driving test.  Not a nice feeling.

But beyond the driving test, finding yourself on a road, with drivers behind, but you don’t know how fast you can legally go, and more importantly you don’t know what clues to look out for to give you an educated guess, is kind of awkward.  This is at least the stuff of ‘points on licence’ and at worse, it could be ‘accident’ material.

Here is a classic example in Peterborough.

This goes beyond simply “staying alert” in a 30 zone (as important as that undoubtedly is), this is about being able to assess driving conditions to enable you to make a judgement on the appropriate speed IN THE ABSENCE of seeing a speed sign.

Developing this skill on driving lessons is one thing, but driving 30 in a 60 on a driving test, or even worse, attempting to drive 40 in a 30 on a driving test, it will be “curtains”.   Remember, anything that crops up on test that breaks the law, is an instant fail.

Check out this video for more on “What speed should I drive at?”

 Wishing you well on your driving lessons