Driving Lesson Grantham Flash For Cash

What Is A ‘Flash for Cash’?

On a recent driving lesson in Grantham I witnessed an attempted ‘Flash for cash’ when my pupil approached this  junction, and was waiting for a gap in the traffic on the A607.  This is a notoriously busy junction, and often the emerge is as a result of being “invited” out by traffic already on the A607.

My pupil was waiting to turn right as shown on the link, when a battered old blue van approaching from our left (on the A607) slowed right down and flashed us with headlights. However, this apparent “invite” had a sting in the tail, and appears to have been a “Flash for Cash”. As my pupil began to emerge, the blue van promptly cut across us, and we narrowly avoided a collision.

This is a recent tactic being adopted in order to claim compensation by subsequently denying any use of headlights and any “invitation”.

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