Driving lessons In Stamford Pinfold Lane

Know Pinfold Lane in Stamford?

Get more from your driving lessons in Stamford by continually developing your driving skills with steadily increasing challenges. There is a fine balance to be struck between finding new, interesting journeys that offer stimulating and challenging conditions and overloading the driving lesson in Stamford with too steep a learning curve.

A practical example of this would be Pinfold Lane in Stamford. It’s that cheeky little connecting road between Uffington Road and Priory Road.  Now that is a road that offers much for developing ‘planning’ skills.  It catches many experienced drivers out who are not properly assessing the ‘pinch points’ due to the parked vehicles that are always in that very narrow, tight road. Get this kind of road wrong and you will be upsetting many other road users.

So a road like Pinfold Lane does have its uses, but it must be introduced to a new driver at the right time. Much of learning a new skill is a delicate mix of providing the opportunity for theoretical and practical practise.  It is very easy to knock confidence and learning momentum by trying to do too much too soon. At Big Tom Driving School we like to maximise learning, and make our customers feel good, feel like they are improving, making progress.

Pinfold Lane does have a place in driving lessons in Stamford, but like many things in life… it’s all in the timing as to when you experience it!

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Driving Lessons in Stamford

Driving Lessons in Stamford