Yellow lines on Driving Lessons Stamford

When is a double yellow line not a double yellow line?

Well drivers in Stamford have been having to come to terms with this very question for 6 months now! Have you been noticing when taking driving lessons in Stamford the yellow lines in St Mary’s Place?  Well they are still in the news would you believe even today.

Back on the 10/1/13 on Twitter the Stamford Mercury (@Mercury1712)  tweeted about these yellow lines literally breaking up from the road surface, and you can see I asked the ultimate question on all drivers minds “Are they still enforceable?”. You can still see the exchange of tweets, and exactly one week later, the Stamford Mercury very kindly came back to state that after checking, the yellow lines were in fact NOT enforceable.

So it just goes to show you, there can be times when a double yellow line, is not in fact, a double yellow line!

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