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Driving School in Bourne – weekly update 23/10/15

Your local driving school in Bourne gives you all the motoring info around your area…


  • The road surface of B1359 at Gedney Dyke is due for repair starting 26/10/15 – 4/11/15
  • Local resident in Spalding complains of cracks in her house being due to speeding vehicles travelling over traffic calming measures directly outside her home.
  • 42 yr old male motorcyclist from Bourne dies after collision involving white van on A15 in Baston.
  • Peterborough Highways Services makes effective use of new technology to drastically reduce costs of repairing pot-holes.
  • Emergency work nr Springfield Rd Railway Bridge, Grantham from 7.30 pm 23/10/15 – 7.30am 24/10/15
  • Stamford Hospitals Trust are seeking the views of locals regarding car parking fees at their hospitals.
  • 3 motorcyclists involved in collision on Sankt Augustin Way, Grantham on Wednesday night.
  • Bourne parent expresses anger at long waiting times for driving tests. Click HERE for more.
  • Over 2000 vehicles were clocked doing over 40 mph in Spalding Road, Holbeach over a 2 week period in September 2015. One was clocked doing 85mph in the max speed limit of 40mph. The majority of the speeding occurred between 11pm – 6am and at weekends.
  • 3 vehicle crash at High Dyke, Ancaster Thursday morning.
  • According to LRSP no fewer than 118 Lincs Parishes now part of community speed watch.
  • A17 Heckington bypass partially closed after lorry strikes bridge on 23/10/15
  • 18 yr old biker collides with VW Golf on Tuesday in Pinchbeck and is taken to Pilgrim Hospital, Boston with serious injuries.
  • Over 20 reported cases of verbal/physical abuse to LCC Highways Alliance staff over 2 yr period due to roadworks being carried out.
  • Local driving instructor in Bourne Tom from BIG TOM Driving School in Bourne continues search for driving instructors to satisfy demand for very popular BIG TOM intensive driving courses [contact info@BIGTOM.org.uk]
  • The age-old question of whether there should be an age limit for drivers re-surfaced in the week due to the 90 yr old driver losing her life after a head on accident when driving the wrong way up a Peterborough Parkway – previously reported HERE


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