Learning to drive in Grantham

Is taking driving tests similar to taking exams?

Comparing learning to drive in Grantham with taking exams at say Kesteven & Grantham Girls’ School is missing a key point. The driving test in Grantham will be fluid and unpredictable whereas an exam is rigidly structured.

Consider pot holes and roadworks in Grantham – these are examples that are popping up all over the town (check this Facebook page  from the Grantham Journal for the latest).  You can’t seem to take a single driving lesson in Grantham without stumbling across them.

But this is precisely the point.  Your driving test in Grantham is not going to be “sterile”, there will be events that crop up that require instant assessment and judgement skills.  Unpredictable events involving buses, cyclists, pedestrians, van drivers, taxis, after all, this is what real life driving is all about yes?

Your driving test in Grantham bears no resemblance to your exams.  The key is to develop confidence in nurturing these important life skills in driving of assessment, judgement, planning and anticipation.

An Intensive Driving Course in Grantham with Big Tom Driving School provides you with AT LEAST 40 hours of driving experience, not in classrooms chatting with groups of people about the theory test, actual driving experience.  The comprehensive package at £1200 comes with a guarantee of free training if you fail the driving test.  Look what Nicole from Grantham says about her welcome pack having signed up to learning to drive in Grantham just 2 days ago:


“Hi Tom,

Sorry I missed you this morning. I have just checked my emails as I have been out all day. Thank you ever so much! All the resources you have provided me with at the moment seem like they will be a great help.

I have liked your Facebook page as I am definitely pleased I have found your driving school.




“Drive more, experience more, LEARN more”.

Text “GRANTHAM” to 0800 689 4174 to find out more about learning to drive in Grantham.