Magical Driving Lessons Peterborough

One Tip For Magical Driving Lessons in Peterborough

I had the good fortune yesterday of speaking to 2 of my pupils wanting driving lessons in Peterborough on my website live chat.

One of them did a very special thing. I asked her to give me a frank and honest assessment of how she was getting on with her driving lessons in Peterborough.  I encouraged her to think of the good, and the bad, I didn’t care if it was comments about me, my car, the duration of lessons, I simply didn’t care what she put down, all I wanted was a completely honest account of how she felt about her experience of learning to drive.  Having the opportunity to reflect on your learning experience is a very important stage of an effective learning cycle.

Never lose sight of how you FEEL about learning to drive.  I can’t emphasise enough how there is a direct link between how you feel on driving lessons, and how much you are learning.

There is plenty of evidence around us from research that paying attention to how people like to learn is an important point in an effective learning environment. For sure, learning can still take place if you were to have no regard to this point, but it may be less effective and ultimately less enjoyable as it isn’t tuned in to what you like personally.

The experience should be making you feel really good, you should be excited at your progress, you should be wanting to talk to others about what you just achieved, you should be wanting another driving lesson… NOW!

As I say in one of my YouTube driving videos, take stock of what’s happening, acknowledge how you feel on your driving lessons, and for heavens sake do something about it if you are not feeling on top of the world!

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