You can now give your private driving lessons the professional touch with our exclusive BIG TOM driving training pack

Only £72 (inc p&p)

We know that more and more people are choosing to take responsibility for their own private driving lessons but would like some guidance on how to make them safe and effective.

There are also increasing numbers of people who are taking driving tests in their own private car – but could do with information about how the driving test is conducted and driving ability is assessed.

Boost your confidence levels with professional guidance that has helped pupils pass their driving test for over 10 years

Our training pack which is delivered to your door is packed with over 40 pages of up to date, accurate and DVSA approved material.  Supervising drivers have told us over many years that this resource is essential for taking the frustration and fear out of private driving lessons.  This will help you to keep your car and yourself safer with a structure to your driving practice.  It will also help you to remember some of the details that you might have forgotten over the years.

You will learn some superb tips on how to effectively learn to drive.  There are techniques that have been helping our customers for years, look at what they have to say:


a very professional instructor with excellent learning techniques that helps you feel informed throughout

Tom gave me some brilliant resources to look at prior to my 5 day intensive course

This course also provided resources to help us along

You were also very good at explaining things in the simplest of ways and not over complicating things

I thought the resources provided to help me were very useful

Tom was extremely knowledgeable and gave clear instructions

There are lots of course materials too which were really useful

This driving training pack has been carefully created over several years, where we know they get results.  You will learn how to record your progress so as to keep up standards.  You can discover what situations will result in a normal driving fault being recorded on test, or a ‘serious’, or a ‘dangerous’.  This resource will help to raise your awareness of what kind of practice works best for you personally.  Rest assured that in this pack you get to see all the subjects that you should be covering in your private driving lessons – we leave no stone left unturned.

Typical questions you will be able to answer:

What speed and gear should I approach junctions?

Is it true you can fail a driving test for driving too slow?

What manoeuvre might I be asked to do on a driving test?

How long does a driving test go on for?

Can you help me to understand what the clutch does?

This superbly presented training pack comes delivered to your door and is immediately ready for you to jump in and use straight away.  There are over 15 higher risk, real-life driving situations where you are encouraged to identify where the risk comes from and what you would do to mitigate the risk.  You are invited to consider some of the often neglected responsibilities that come with driving a vehicle on public roads so that you can raise awareness of your beliefs and attitudes to road safety.  You will learn about techniques to help you bay park and parallel park.  You will learn how to increase your confidence with a positive mindset.  You will be given advice about why mistakes happen in driving practice and how to stay motivated while you learn.

All of this is available to you NOW for £72 (inc. p&p).

One of the biggest concerns that supervising drivers have is the fear of passing on wrong information or bad habits.  This training pack will help you to keep up to date with the latest knowledge and best techniques for how to drive.  Our driving training is known for being thorough, comprehensive and effective; this training pack comes complete with a “syllabus” for you to follow as guidance.

To order your in-car training pack and start practising like a pro, email: with “TRAINING PACK” as the subject or call 0749 836 4211 NOW