Stop Lines on Driving Lessons | Peterborough

Where are stop lines on Driving Lessons | Peterborough

You will come across plenty of traffic lights that allow pedestrians to cross, and they have a solid white stop line.  Sometimes it can be very tempting to stop at what you believe is a red light for you, when in fact it is not!

The first example I have is on a driving lesson in Peterborough here in Lime Kiln Close, Peterborough (just near the bingo hall).

With the bingo hall behind you, let’s say we are going to turn right.  Your traffic light goes green, you being to turn right, and you are met by a red traffic light in the new road.  The temptation is to stop for the red light.  However, that light is actually a secondary light to stop the traffic on the road you have just joined, it has nothing to do with you.  The clue is that there is no solid white ‘STOP’ line in front of you.

Take a look at this video for a similar situation in a driving lesson in Grantham.  Avoid the temptation to stop if the secondary traffic light goes red in front of you… there is no “STOP” line.

Two very real examples on driving lessons in Peterborough and Grantham.  Any questions on this, please add it below.

Driving Lessons Peterborough

Driving Lessons Peterborough