This blog shows you how to take 10 hours off your driving lessons saving you time and money

Our BIG TOM driving video channel alongside our BIG TOM intensive driving course 01928 508 833 offers our customers the opportunity to maximise their learning experience, making learning to drive, easier, quicker and stress-free. You really would have to ask yourself why would you NOT want to do that?! This amazing benefit that we provide is unique to the BIG TOM Driving Success Programme© and puts our customers at a major advantage when it comes to sitting in the car for the first time. Read on to see how this can save you a bucket load of money.

There are 1500+ people are already subscribed to our amazing YouTube driving channel, and you can see for yourself that a great many of them are not even BIG TOM customers, but they recognise the value to be gained by viewing them. There are an extraordinary number of positive comments of thanks on our videos. Look what Jimmy Jagg commented after viewing one of the BIG TOM driving videos:

“I am already a driver with full licence and no accidents in over 40 years, but I like the way that you have put yourself completely into safe driving. Thinking ahead is extremely important as it gives you a breathing space in which to react to incidents that may crop up whilst driving. I know that any of your pupils will make excellent drivers as long as they take your advice on thinking beyond gaining their full licence. Keep up the good work Tom”

One BIG TOM driving video on bay parking has had over 310,000 views. The videos save you time and money and are deliberately designed to be short, sharp, concise ‘golden nuggets’ of information. But we are loyal to our customers, and we offer them exclusive, restricted access to a bank of further in-depth driving videos which give them a three-fold advantage over others. Our customers get better prepared for their intensive driving course, they in effect, attend the course, and “hit the ground running” as they have already raised their awareness prior to Day 1 of the BIG TOM intensive course. The videos also help to reinforce learning, they assist in reflecting on what has been taught and our customers say they like to see in the comments how others are getting on, as it makes them feel more comfortable being in a circle of other people experiencing the same thoughts and feelings.

There are driving videos filmed at a whole range of different sized villages, towns and cities – and much like the popular BIG TOM Intensive driving courses, it gives the viewer the chance to experience a wide range of different driving conditions.

We cover the following regions on our intensive driving courses in Peterborough, Grantham, Sleaford, Lincoln, Spalding, Bourne, Stamford, and Boston. There are dozens of customer reviews and testimonials to be viewed across all of the BIG TOM channels – you can see for yourself why our courses are so popular.   Bookings for our 5 star all-inclusive intensive driving courses 01928 508 833