Get the most out of your summer by doubling up on to the popular BIG TOM two week intensive course.

BIG TOM continues to listen to customer feedback and provide a first class service.

BIG TOM Admin explains more:

“Our two week intensive courses are incredibly popular.  Absolute beginners can choose a combination of timing that suits their busy schedule.  For instance, why not start with a weekday evening slot where the roads are a little more quiet?  You could then move on to a week’s worth of daytime driving.  There are combo’s to suit all, including weekends.  Just get in touch with me, and I will be happy to provide you with a course price.”

Owner of BIG TOM, Tom Ingram says:

“I’m very keen to demonstrate that the service BIG TOM provides is flexible enough to adapt to customer feedback.  There is: home collection service, same car – same instructor guarantee, and free refreshments as examples of our commitment to make the BIG TOM experience the best it can be.”

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