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5 Things You Must Do on a Driving Lesson in Grantham

Here are our Top 5 tips for your driving lesson in Grantham

This blog gives 5 essential tips for learning to drive during a driving lesson in Grantham.

file0001011985902Whether you are having a driving lesson in Grantham with a Driving Instructor or with friends/family there are some essential things to do so that you maximise the learning experience.

  1. Set a goal.  Sounds obvious but you will be surprised how many don’t set a goal for the driving lesson. Try to keep it achievable within the timescale that you have, and also be specific with it. So rather than setting a goal of “roundabouts”, be more specific and set a goal such as “practise how to make use of using traffic from the left to my advantage” (see this video here as an example of this technique  )
  2. Give careful thought to where you will be driving. This needs to be very much in tune with your goal for the session. There is nothing quite as demoralising as picking the wrong location for your intended goal.  You could be 30 minutes into a fabulous session of driving, and have all that good work and sense of achievement dashed in less than a minute if you end up trying to drive in a location that is well beyond your current ability.
  3. Once in a while… chill.  Sounds crazy, but you might be surprised how beneficial this can be at times. Plan in what I call “Murray moments” – have a bag of Murray mints in the car (or your favourites) and take just a minute or two to pause, chill, reflect, discuss, plan, review – although only a short pause, it will be time well spent.
  4. Enjoy it! There are practical things that you can do to help this happen. Feeling pressure from trying to do too much, too soon, for too long makes for a stressful time for you and the person supervising your driving. Making your learning experience enjoyable means doing things the way you want – we are all different, we all learn in different ways, and this is all about you!
  5. Last but by no means least is track your progress. Review if you enjoyed the session, what were the good things and the not so good. What can you do next time to maximise the learning experience. Don’t underestimate how satisfying and indeed important it is to know how you are progressing towards being a safe and independent driver.

Plan in these Top 5 tips in your driving lesson in Grantham to get the most value of your time.     

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