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How do you find a good Driving Instructor in Grantham? This blog could save you lots of cash, as switching between Driving Instructors is an expensive mistake to make.

Driving Instructor GranthamFinding a good Driving Instructor in Grantham makes driving lessons enjoyable and maximises learning. This blog explores how this is achieved.

Before I expand any further on the specific subject of finding a good Driving Instructor in Grantham, let me tell you a true story that occurred very recently on my family skiing trip which is very appropriate to this blog.

My 2 young sons started skiing last year, and when we returned to the same resort in Bulgaria this Christmas, they were more than a little disappointed with the prospect of having to continue on the same ‘nursery’ slope that they had endlessly used the year before.

When my Wife and I approached their Instructor she told us that they were not ready to go up on the chair lift to other slopes. This presented us with a problem. We had 2 kids, really keen to learn to ski, but bored out of their heads with the nursery slope, and yet they were being told they were going to spend yet another week on it! Not good. What to do.

With much trepidation, we took all of us out of the ski school, and got the boys on the chair lifts to ski on many other slopes. It was an amazing week, their progress was nothing short of staggering, and we all spent a great time together. The sense of achievement (and relief) that the boys felt, was something that will stay with us a long time.

What was missing in the Instructor’s thoughts was how different 1:1 training is, compared to 1:15. Sure, she had one eye on ‘Health and Safety’, and I imagine it would have been impossible for her to control 15 young kids on demanding ski slopes that they had never experienced before. Although this has nothing to do with Driving Instructors in Grantham, I imagine you can see where I am going with this.

Don’t get the wrong message here. I’m not a ‘chancy’ Driving Instructor by nature; in the 6 years of providing driving lessons in Grantham, I have not had a single accident, so my intention is not to compromise safety in my message here. But this point about maximising learning is an important one, apart from making driving lessons more exciting and challenging, it can also significantly reduce the cost of learning to drive in Grantham.

In the teaching world, this is called ‘differentiation’; it is recognising that all of us have different abilities, and by identifying the needs of the person (not the group), it is possible to make very large strides in individual learning.

To get back to the subject of how to find a good Driving Instructor in Grantham. If you are about to start driving lessons in Grantham, and are ringing round then keep the above in mind. A good Driving Instructor will adapt to the person they have in front of them, and maximise learning which will keep the driving lessons stimulating, rewarding, and as my family recently discovered, open the possibility of feeling a real buzz from the sense of achievement.

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